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Rules and regulations

  Library Hours
Tuesday - Saturday10:00 AM - 04:30 PM
  • Reading room facility is available from 10.00- 4.30 PM on all working days.
  • Library remains closed on Sundays, Mondays and other Public Holidays as stipulated in the University (MAKAUT)holiday list
  • All Teaching, Non-teaching staff members and students are the members of the Library.
  • All teaching staff including Librarian is allowed to lend maximum 10 books from the library. However, holding of books for more than 30 days, renewal is obligatory.
  • The administrative staff members, library staff, laboratory assistants are allowed to borrow not more than 5 books at a time for 1 month.
For student members:
  • Students can borrow maximum 4 (four) books at a time depending on the availability of the same in the library for 15 days, which can be further renewed for a maximum period of another 15 days.
  • The casual students are not allowed to borrow books or to use library reading room.
  • Students can renew the books borrowed from the library for maximum two times provided that books have not been on demand by any other members of the library
  • A fine of Rs. 5/- per book per day is charged in case the books are not refunded /renewed in due date. No Journals/Magazines are issued for home use either to students or any staff.
  • No Journals/Magazines are issued for home use either to students or any staff.
  • In case of any emergency need special permission is to be taken from the Principal/TIC/Library Convener.
Loss of Library Books:
  • In case of loss of Library book, the latest edition of the lost book is to be replaced to the library.
  • Decision on out of print books will be taken by the Library Committee.
  • Borrowed books are to be returned before appearing any Semester Examinations. No Mark sheet will be issued unless library clearance is issued by the library staff.
General Rules:
  • 'Library Card' is compulsory for all enrolled students for availing of library facilities.
  • At the time of entering the library, all personal belongings is to be kept at the prescribed counter, and must be taken back when the depositor leaves the library. The library will not be liable for any loss/damage caused to the belongings kept in the prescribed counter.
  • In case of any grievances students can put complaint in the box kept outside the library which will be addressed by the Library Committee.
  • No admission is permitted in Study Room without proper Student Identity Card.
  • Books/any materials issued in the study room will have to be returned before leaving the Study Room.
  • Books will be issued / returned within 4.30 PM. Lending services are open to Students from Tuesday to Saturday.
  • Reference books can be used within the library reading room only.
  • Use of Internet is allowed for educational/academic purpose within the permission of the Librarian. The students are not allowed to use any social networking sites, playing games, etc.

The library rules framed above are subject to change from time to time as when Library Committee deems it necessary to reframe the same.

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